2002-12-18 Wednesday

Ok, what have we been doing lately? Last Saturday (2002-12-14) we did our first gig without Jukka in a long time. This was a very small performance in a private birthday party, but it was quite an important event for us because we were playing as a quartet again.

Jukka has been busy with his new assignment in Freud Marx Engels & Jung. So Miikka picked up his guitar a few months ago, and we've been practicing and re-arranging our old songs and also making up some new material. It doesn't really mean a big change to the way we sound, or at least that's how we've felt.

We did a small demo recording a few weeks (2002-11-03) ago, and we might put some of the new stuff online too. We recorded live in our training place, and it sounded raw, rough and very good. We really like some of the new songs we've come up with, and we've been especially glad about the stuff that Miikka has been writing.
It also seems that we are getting a new training place too, so everything's under control at the moment.

2002-10-30 Wednesday

There has been a rather nice review for Stronger than you thought available at GodsOfMusic.com for some time now. We just forgot to add this information here. Naturally this review is also available in the reviews section of these pages.

2002-07-01 Monday

A new review for the song Weep available at GodsOfMusic.com.


Vote for Pore in the demo contest HOT! (before 2002-07-02) and check out the review in Desibeli.net (both in Finnish).


Miikka has left to Ecuador for May to travel and learn about the country. He will be back in time to sing in our next concert in Esplanad park on 2002-06-18.


Our gig in the Eltsu Sprint motor race on 2002-04-28 was cancelled due to cold and rainy weather.


Mikko Aaltonen, the photographer who took the pictures on these pages (gallery) has put some of his pictures to aukea.net for reviewing. Mikko's exhibition includes a photograph of Jussi. Check out what photo enthusiast think about Mikko's art. Mikkos exhibition, Picture of Jussi in the exhibition.


A fresh Pore interview available at Wallirocks -webzine (in Finnish).


Pore is getting ready for the first live performance with Miikka. This historical gig will take place in Helsinki in the club Factory on Saturday 2002-02-16. There will also be two other bands Rohto and Muusa playing there.

Read the new Pore interview in MP3 mesta.net (in Finnish).


It's been about a month and a half since we finished our new CD. We've sent the CD to lots of places but we haven't received any "official" feedback yet. The "unofficial" feedback that we have received through different channels has been quite positive. Once we get enough feedback and reviews the reviews section will concentrate on the feedback on our new CD.

We've been also practicing quite a lot to make Miikka feel comfortable with our songs. We hope to play some nice gigs soon, so check out the live section for the gig dates.