2003-12-03 Wednesday

Mp3.com is going through some major changes and all services, including Pore's page, are down at the moment. The temporary info page says that services for unsigned bands will open up later in music.download.com.

2003-07-03 Thursday

Yesterday we carried our grear out of our training place for a fresh start in a new place in August. Hopefully everything turns out well.

2003-06-09 Monday

The songs that we recorded on 2003-05-10 sounded Ok. They just need to be roughly mixed before being used anywhere.

2003-06-05 Thursday

Training yesterday. Talked about possible future gigs and the upcoming King Crimson concert in Helsinki this Sunday. We'll also try to mix the recording that we made on Saturday 2003-05-10 and possibly get some of the songs online.

2003-06-03 Tuesday

MyMp3Network dissappeared from the Internet some time ago. It was a nice feedback service, but now it's gone without any explanations.

The German mp3.de has gone through a face lift, but there doesn't seem to be anythin new going on in there.

2003-06-02 Monday

Splitside live at Semifinal on Wednesday 2003-06-04.

2003-04-16 Wednesday

Sad news from Seattle: Anomaly3 as a working band no longer exists (website might dissappear soon too). Luckily their music can still be found from Anomaly3's soundclick.com page.

2003-01-30 Thursday

Urban tale is playing live tonight at On the Rocks.

2003-01-13 Monday

There seems to be many changes coming up in mp3.com. It seems that we'll have to let one of our songs go from our mp3.com page. Now which one should that be?

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