2004-08-26 - From the Pore archives

I was going through and making an inventory of the archives I have of the old versions of these pages. That's more than five years of updates and history of which a big part isn't available here anymore. So I found the mp3 clips of the demo we did in November 2000. That's is still with Pasi and me on the vocals. Listening through those old clips was interesting and quite fun too, so I decided to put the material online. It can be found from the old music section. -Jussi *Update 2005-04-21: These clips were removed to free some disk space.

2004-07-26 - The Ronald Reagan Memorial Triathlon

The Helsinki based record company American Brothers will organize the first annual Ronald Reagan Memorial Triathlon in Helsinki on 2004-08-06 (6 August). This event is also the first official rock-championship of triathlon in Finland. Check out the American Brothers' website for more info or go straight to the Press release (in Finnish). *Update 2004-08-09: Jussi took part in the triathlon and was third in the men's series. Congratulations!

2004-07-12 - Aukea.net quits music

Aukea.net, a Finnish gallery service for photography, other visual arts and literature has quit it's music section. We had some of our music available there, and we received quite a few comments for our songs too. These comments are still available on our own Pore's Aukea.net reviews page, even though they seem to be deleted from Aukea for good.

2004-06-17 - Demo delay

Our demo project will most likely be delayed and will continue in the autumn. Summer holidays and other adventures make it impossible for us to find mutual time for the recording session at the moment.

2004-06-04 - Fresh feedback

We received some feedback on our Pore page at Mikseri.net from the legendary band Hurjat Hipit. Comments can also be found on our Mikseri.net reviews page.

2004-06-03 - Studio cancelled

The studio session for last saturday 2004-05-29 was cancelled. We are trying to find a new date soon.

2004-05-24 - Weep active at GarageBand.com

We just received an email request from GarageBand.com to aprove the RealAudio conversion they have done to our song Weep. It sounded Ok, so now we have one song available at our GarageBand.com Pore song page. Probably the rest of the songs will follow quite soon too. *Update 2004-05-25: I know where I stand and Stronger than you thought are active too.

2004-05-07 - Outlining the demo project

We have set the recording date for the upcoming demo. We'll try to go to studio on Saturday 2004-05-29. We will record the backgrounds live and do vocals separately on the same day. The package will be quickly mixed soon after the recording. If everything goes as planned, we'll have some new material available here on our website in the beginning of June.

2004-05-03 - Song review by GodsOfMusic

We received a new and interesting GodsOfMusic.com song review for Somewhere Fate went Wrong on Saturday. This means that all the songs from our latest CD have now been reviewed by GodsOfMusic.com reviewers.

"..."Somewhere Fate went Wrong" might be incorrect: it's the Muses not the Fates that dole out musical inspiration. And in the case of this offering by the Helsinki based band Pore, the Muses were perhaps more stingy than wrong outright..."
The complete review for Somewhere Fate went Wrong by Cam Bastedo

2004-04-27 - Joined Garageband.com

Today we received an email from Trusonic about recovering and transfering our old mp3.com account to Garageband.com. Naturally we couldn't resist this offer, so here we have the fresh Pore page at Garageband.com. *Update 2004-04-29: It seems that transfering our songs to Garageband.com takes some time, because our song page is still empty.

2004-04-26 - Demo plans

We are planning to record a four or five song demo some time this summer. Recording will be done live in studio without too many re-takes and overdubs, as we just want go catch clear sounded versions of some of our new unrecorded songs. These new songs will be available for downloading as soon as we get them ready.

The tentative songlist for the demo:

2004-04-22 - New mp3 service

We haven't lately joined any music services, and after mp3.com quit there hasn't really been too interesting places available. Well yesterday we got an email form AudioStreet.net that invited us to check out what they have to offer. As a result we can now introduce you the new Pore page at AudioStreet.net.

2004-02-13 - New training place

Once again we moved our gear to another training place about two weeks ago. Yesterday we did some trainging with the whole group and felt very pleased with the new laboratory. A big thank you to Artie from all stars for helping us out in this matter.

2004-01-02 - Ten years gone

Happy new year 2004! The year 2004 will remain in history as Pore's 10th year togeher, and we hope to create some action to celebrate this anniversary. At the moment we are planning to record some new songs, and we hope to do some gigs and other amazing stuff too. So stay tuned and we'll see you around.

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