2005-09-30 - Recording a new song and a video

On wednesday this week (2005-09-28) we visited the tv-studio of Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia's Faculty of Culture and Services and did some serious recording. We did a "live at studio" type recording of one of our new songs Happy Days. The song is now being mixed and the video material needs to be edited, but it shouldn't take too long before we have something to show here too.

2005-04-11 - Gig cancelled

Sorry to tell this, but our gig in Stella Star Club on Sat 2005-04-30 is cancelled. The three other bands will still be performing there, so get there and check them out.

2005-03-18 - Gig on it's way

Oh yes, we are breaking the silence of more than two years in the area of public performance. This historical event will take place in Stella Star Club in Helsinki on 30th of may, which is May Eve (vappuaatto). This is a great (and rare) chance to see us live. There will also be three other bands playing that evening too.

2005-01-03 - New year

Another year has passed and there's not much to report. We've been writing new songs and practicing. That's about it at the moment.

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