Jussi tells about the progress in recording Pore's CD What ever happens (I'm part of all this).
Some photos from the studio.

2001-12-04 (Tuesday)

We started the final recordings of our third demo-CD yesterday. The plan is to record the drums on eight tracks, and lay rest of the instruments and vocals on top of that. We decided to record the drums with Pasi and Pete in our training place. We thought that it would be easier to do all the re-takes and other stuff with just the three of us. When we started, Pasi had already set up the microphones. Then we spent about an our and a half trying to find the best places for the mics, and fixing some technical problems (you can't do anything without some technical problems can you?).

We were going to record two songs, but after we got relaxed we actually did all four songs in a row. We'll have to check out the tracks today, and see what has to be recorded again. Yesterday we felt that at least two songs came out so well that we are going to use those takes on the CD. The last song "Stronger than you thought" was recorded with one take, and it came out really well. That left us with a good feeling and confidence to carry out the rest or the project.

2001-12-05 (Wednesday)

Yesterday Pasi did some listening. It seems that "Stronger than you thought" is the only song that he would accept without hesitation. It has a really nice live feel; it's very relaxed. I think that we might do the other three songs again, or maybe only two songs. We really want to capture the feeling that we have when we play live. So we need to play and play until we forget that we are even recording, forget the microphones and focus on the music. Well, the three of us have to listen the songs through a couple of times today and see what has to be done.

2001-12-07 (Friday)

We went to our training place on Wednesday and were shocked. Someone had turned off the heater machine and it was really cold in there (welcome to Finland everyone). We turned on the heater and started to work anyway. First we listened what we had done so far. We decided to put the recorder on and just start playing again. Some old versions were Ok, but we wanted second versions of each song. This time we were relaxed from the very beginning. We were very satisfied with the results too. I think that it will be the Wednesday versions of the drums that end up on the CD.

Yesterday we once more listened the tapes through, this time with Miikka. We were still happy. Everything was cool. Then we played the songs through a couple of times and recorded everything on a regular tape recorder. The tape will help Miikka to check out his vocal lines. Tomorrow we'll start in the studio with Ville. It will be a tight schedule and lots of work but we are ready for it.

2001-12-08 (Saturday)

Today we worked with Ville. We started in the morning with Pasi's bass and my guitar parts. We did our parts as we had planned and then Jukka started his job. Jukka had made up some really nice themes that others had not heard before. We were quite happy with the guitars after Jukka had finished. Then Miikka started to sing and the rest of us were listening. It was really nice to hear the songs come alive. With Ville's help we managed to keep up the relaxed and cosy feeling that we had from the start. There was no pressure and things happened quite easily.

I still had to play one song again after Miikka's vocals, and the we did some backing vocals with Pasi.

Tomorrow is the final day. I really look forward to how our songs will sound after tomorrows work.

2001-12-10 (Monday)

Ok, the work is done.

Yesterday was maybe the hardest day of the recordings. Pasi, Pete and I went to the studio in the morning, and Ville came right after us. Ville started with the drum sounds first. Pete left after he had heard that things were in good hands. Jukka came to the studio when we were finishing the first song. Then the four of us worked for some time, and then Miikka came along. After many hours of hard work everything started to sound great. Pieces started to fall to the right places and we were very satisfied with the results.

After we finished I went home and listened the CD. It still sounded great.

I'd like to thank Ville on behalf of the band, and Pasi, Pete, Jukka and Miikka for doing such a great job.