Friday, February 29, 2008

Horsey in Ha(Ha+R)GB

I must say I have been very unlucky with the Horsehead Nebula. So far, I have been imaging the horsey ten (!) different nights. Out of these ten sessions, two have been completely waste of time with no captured frames and clouds moving over. Other nights have been hardly any more successful, a couple of frames this night and some more on that night. Grrrr, so frustrating weather this winter. This is a Ha(Ha+R)GB composite of 2h 50m RGB and 7h 30m H-alpha data (total 10h 20m). This might sound a good amount of exposure, but the fact is that I have been forced to stack a lot of noisy frames too. The usual gear used EM-200USD3, SW80ED, William Optics 0.8x FF/FR, QHY8, filters IDAS LPS for RGB and Baader 7nm for H-Alpha. The picture below is a slide of this crop, while the big version is here.


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