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Brief description of program E1FILTER

Program E1FILTER is a command line based, freeware utility to convert, filter and sort text and binary data. The typical use of E1FILTER is:

E1FILTER is based on formula evaluator, that is, most parameters and commands are given in form of a (mathematical) formula.

E1FILTER is a DOS program, but runs perfectly under Windows-9x, 2000, XP, NT etc.

I have started to write a Java-version of E1FILTER, but the timeschedule is totally open.

Is E1FILTER right tool for you?

Once you have installed and studied E1FILTER, you have the most powerful tool in your hands. On the other hand, installing, studying and setting up E1FILTER is not a quick and easy task. There is no way of getting a quick try of E1FILTER either. Therefore you should carefully consider the volume, diversity and complexity of your needs before deciding to use E1FILTER.

Starting to use E1FILTER

If you want to start to use E1FILTER:

Starting to use command line test program ES.EXE only

Ii is possible to use the command line function evaluator E1.EXE without the main program E1FILTER.EXE:

Download e1deliv.exe, study User's manual evaluator.pdf and start using E1.EXE.

Program E1FILTER