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E1FILTER's parameters

No Phase Parameter Description Format Default value Example Comment
1 Initialize the program MaxColCount Maximum number of columns Number 200    
2 Initialize the program MaxScanCount Maximum number of scan-criteria Number 10    
3 Special, evaluator NumEdit Edit formula for evaluators numeric output Formula, where O: represents the object no edit    
4 Special, evaluator ItemSep Item separator for formula evaluator String    @nnn = ASCII-code nnn
5 Select input file(s) InFile Name of the input file(s)     c:\std\invoice.txt  
6 Select input file(s) fmk.age Age of the input-files in days   any 30 requires prefix fmk.
7 Select input file(s) fmk.size Size of the input-files in bytes   any -2000 requires prefix fmk.
8 Select input file(s) fmk.name Name-pattern of the input-file   any *fish.txt,lake* requires prefix fmk.
9 Select input file(s) fmk.contains string(s) to be found from the input-file   none NAD93 requires prefix fmk.
10 Read input file block InLineMask Binary input mask for the binary input file header List of field expressions no mask dbl,dbl,lng,25  
11 Read input file block LineReadCmd Defines the end-string of the input-line Line read expression TE   @nnn = ASCII-code nnn
12 Read input file block MaxLineLen Maximum length of the input line Number 2000    
13 Read input file block LineEdit Formatting instruction for the entire line Formula, where O: represents the object      
14 Read input file block ConvFile Name of the character conversion file File name      
15 Build input line InForm Input-format STRUCTURED,IdSep,RecSep or XML,OutputFormat COLUMN XML COLUMN,XML or STRUCTURED
16 Build input line FilterID Field ID (Name) in Notes structured format In edit part O: represents the object     Used only in structured format
17 Build input line InSep Field separator in the input File String or NONE   (tab)  
18 Build input line CopyPrevCols Columns, which are copied from previous line, if empty List or numbers (n) or ranges (n-m) none 1,4-17,22-28,33  
19 Build input line InHeaderLen Number of lines in the header block Number 0 = no header 1  
20 Build input line HeaderFile Name of the file containing the column titles File name     Optional
21 Start/stop reading input file StartReadForm Y=start reading input lines Formula (Boolean value)      
22 Start/stop reading input file StopReadForm Y=stop reading input lines Formula (Boolean value)      
23 Select input lines Incl+Num Y=include input line Formula (Boolean value)      
24 Select input lines Excl+Num Y=exclude input line Formula (Boolean value)      
25 Build output line OC List of the output columns and optional parameters Col. no::Col. format::Header::Summary func. All columns    
26 Build output line OutSep Output column separator String      
27 Build output line RepSep Used to replace output separators appearing in the item String      
28 Build output line ItemEdit Formatting instruction for all items Formula, where O: represents the object      
29 Select output lines PrintOutCond Y=do print the output line Formula (Boolean value)   NOT:(BL:(oline$))  
30 Sort SortKey+num Formula+parameters: Sort key (1-9) Parameter string, key length, sort formula no sort RN,,SST:(I$9;2;999) Descending, Numeric, Rightset
31 Allocate values to calendar days PeriodForm Calendar allocation period Formula      
32 Allocate values to calendar days PeriodCol Period column Number   4  
33 Allocate values to calendar days CalDateFormat Calendar date format   DD.MM.YYYY DD.MM.YYYY  
34 Allocate values to calendar days SplitCols Columns to be allocated List or numbers (n) or ranges (n-m)      
35 Allocate values to calendar days ExcludeFile File containing days to be excluded in calendar allocation File name      
36 Allocate values to calendar days IgnoreExcludeFileForm Y=Ignore data exclusions defined in ExcludeFile Formula (Boolean value) N    
37 Allocate values to calendar days ObjectForm Calendar allocation object Formula      
38 Allocate values to calendar days ExclusiveForm Y=Is an exclusive allocation (reservation) Formula (Boolean value) N    
39 Allocate values to calendar days TimeScope TimeScope in calendar allocation Time period expression   07.2003-2006  
40 Allocate values to calendar days SplitValuesForm Y=split column values are copied 1:1 to dates Formula (Boolean value) N    
41 Allocate values to calendar days MaxAllocCountForm Formula returning maximum number of allocated days Formula      
42 Summarize SumKeyForm Summary group value Formula      
43 Create output columns OutFile Name of the output file String, variable parts are formulas enclosed in brackets see manual c:\std\project.txt May contain cariable part in []
44 Create output columns Append Append the output file to the existing file Y or N N    
45 Create output columns HeaderOut Print header to the output-file Y/N Y or N Y N  
46 Create output columns OutLineEndStr Line end indicator of the output line String     @nnn = ASCII-code nnn
47 Format output LineTemplate Template for output line String or file:filename      
48 Format output HeaderTemplate Template for for header block String or file:filename      
49 Format output FooterTemplate Template for footer block String or file:filename      

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