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Program GeoConv - freeware program for coordinate-conversions

Program GeoConv is a coordinate conversion program, which converts between different coordinate file formats, coordinate types and datums. GeoConv is written by Eino Uikkanen

Version info and downloading

N/B: These pages describe older version of GEOCONV. I however have eventually started to rewrite GEOCONV. New version can be run under latest Windows-versions and also under 64-bit versions. If you are interested in getting the new version, please contact me via e-mail.

  • Brief description of program GeoConv - geobriefgb.htm - for a quick overview
  • Version log of GeoConv - geoversgb.htm - new features, error corrections etc.
  • Downloading GeoConv - all needed files in one selfextracting package - geodelivgb.exe - version 21-Oct-2007
  • Documentation

  • Users manual of GeoConv - geoconvgb.pdf - included also in the loading package
  • GeoConv's installing instructions - geoconvinstall.pdf
  • A collection of explained GeoConv-batch-runs - geoconvsamples.pdf - included also in the loading package
  • Supported file formats - geoforms.htm
  • Supported coordinate types - crdtypes.htm
  • GeoConv's parameters - geoparas.htm
  • List of printable fields in GeoConv's user defined output-format - geoprint.htm
  • Any comments, questions, ideas - don't hesitate to contact:

  • E-mail to author - eino.uikkanen@iki.fi - please put word 'GeoConv' somewhere in the title to help me to distinguish between spam and proper mail. I do answer all proper (=not spam) mails - if you don't get an answer, please resend your mail - I may have deleted your mail accidentally among the spam.