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About this page

This page was originally a list of the National Land Survey Organisations with web-links. I however removed the list, because:

  1. It appeared to be impossible for me to keep such a list up to date
  2. The list was anyway redundant information, because the list of the National Land Survey Organisations in page National Mapping Agencies (the first bullet below) is much more comprehensive and up to date.

After desperately trying to maintain my own list of the National Land Survey Organisations for a few years I urge everyone to help the authors of the pages listed below by reporting the broken or false links.

Collections or indices of National Coordinate Systems or National Land Survey Organisations

  • National Mapping Agencies - List of the National Mapping Agencies
  • EUREF Home page - EUREF is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the European Reference Frame
  • EuroGeographics - Association of the European National Mapping Agencies
  • AGIRN - African Geo Information Researcher Network - Sharing Geo Information Knowledge in Africa
  • Unofficial / private information resources of National Coordinate Systems

  • ASPRS Grid's & Datums - Clifford J. Mugnier's articles of grids and datums
  • Finland - Finnish coordinate systems - by Eino Uikkanen
  • Taiwan - Taiwan datums
  • Eino Uikkanen's homepage