In 1993 I made my own convertible from East-German made Wartburg 353W sedan, model 1982. It took me a lot of work and a small sum of money, but here it is! It has 2 stroke 3 cylinder engine, separate body and chassis. That project was very interesting, I learned a lot of welding and technique in general. Even though there are very few VERY warm days during the summer in Finland, it is still nice to have a convertible! Actually it is a 2D Roadster by the type title now - used to be 4D sedan.

Here is my Wartburg 1.3. Frank Reiher from Berlin organized this for me. It is model 1990 and has less than 13000 kilometers on it! Here it is still in Germany by the previous owner's house. Actually this is the only Wartburg 1.3 in Finland!

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