Winter 2001

I am a 35- year old entrepreneur and live in Pornainen. It's abouth 45km from Helsinki. I train with my dogs obedience, dogshows, human rescuing, lure corsing and have long walks daily.
I got the kennel name Encautom´s in january 2003. Our family consists of me, my husband Henri our daughter Verna, son Reko and five dogs: Whippet Encautom's Feeling Good and Encautom's Brilliant Diamond, Greyhounds, Another Story Hurry Sundown and Kimsar Hope So , and
Central Asian Ovtcharka Turkmen Stam Dalai
My faworit dog angel fly away in summer 2006 Masaranda Big Boss and another angel, Softouch Hunter's Moon.
My first co- owned bitch  is from  Refined -kennel and she have first Encautom´s litter in mothers day 2005.

Summer 2006


My first "show"

It all begain as we got Bico in summer 1991. To get a dog wasn´t that easy, but that´s an other story...(Thousands of conversations whit our parents "why we should get a dog, who is taking the dog for long walk for next 10 years etc... Sounds familiar....??? =))
I saw an ad in a newspaper and called immediatelly to one whippet breeder. Couple of minutes later we were all already sitting in a car and heading to that wonderful place called "puppyland" ( atleast that´s how we felt. 6 bitches and 1 dog were born, the decision wasn´t that difficult as we wanted a dog.

Breede had been away as the puppies were born but a "midwife" was there. 6 puppies were expekted and as the bitch delived 6 bitches, "midwife" thought the proceduve was over, but... Bico was born outside, right next to the flagpole, but he was found immediatelly. Breeder named him as "kepu" ( a trick)

Bico´s  First night was a bit "loud" and after couple of hours "concert ala Bico" my mum tould me to go downstairs whit my sleeping bag and keep company to that poor litle fellow. In the morning i got terrified as i couldn´t see even a glimpse of Bico. To my relief the puppy had crawled inside my sleeping bag, to the farest end of it!

"Showdog´s on the road" Pietarsaari, summer 2002

In year 1997, as i ended up whit my studies , i decided to take an other dog. I managed to find a nice breeder, who even happened to have puppies. I went for a visit and immediatelly fell in love whit Looby. At this time i was living on my own so i didn´t need my parents permission. I still decided to "play in safe" and told about the new puppy in my graduation party, the place where my parents could only comment "..... oh, how nice...".

Looby came to his new home in the beginning of wintetime in 1997.  That was the beginning for a realy active "dog life"

Whit Dummy winter 2000

I got "puppy feawer" again in summer 2000 and requirements  for a dog were abit different: it had to be a small, but robust one. In the autumn two of my employer´s portuguese podengos made decision on my behalf, i knew what the next breed will be. I found a breeder, which i visited seval times ( they had puppies, 1 dog, 1 bitch) Eventually the breeder decided that i could get the dog!

As podengo is very rave breed in Finland, i was suprised how good results he still got in shows. I used to make jokes that i would be much nicer to take our dog to BIG- ring than only to the usual breed ring. By now miniatyre smooth podengos have placed 4 times in group ring in Finland, Dummy has 3 of those placements... =)

In addition to shows i got interested in various training possibilities with podengo, as the breed seemed to be more " willing to serve" than whippet.

Midsummer 2001 in our summer cottage in Artjärvi

Summer 2003

At the moment i have only dogs at home and to be able to breed i decided to beginn with co- owned bitch. The first co- owned bitch was born on 31 january 2003 to kennel REFINED.  And happy owner is a Niina Turpeinen from Järvenpää

Summer 2007

Winter 2012, photo J.Vääräkangas


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