Erkki Tuomo Pekkinen, b. 15.12.1948, Jyväskylä mlk., Finland

Phones: +358400505950,  +358409365876, +358443361348
Office: EPC Konsultti-Consultant Ltd Oy
Address: Hespakantie 13, FI-76850 Naarajärvi, FINLAND
VAT reg. no: FI07532288

Education / Primary school:

Education / Secondary school:

Education / Tertiary and equivalent:


Work experience:

Most recent software localization/translation experience:

(December 1999 -- January 2000) 5-week contract with ALPHA CRC, a Cambridge (UK) company. My task was to translate, along with two other people, a Lotus Notes -based software product called IT Factory Business Suite into Finnish. 

(March-April 2001) 2-week contract with LIONBRIDGE Inc., Framingham/Cambridge (USA). Putting final touches to another office software product.


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