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In a manner of speaking, the foundations for my, Erkki Pekkinen, present profession are in the woods. I am a forester (MSc) by my first profession, however, a graduate of the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Forestry, class of -71. This was preceded by the 1960s spent Down Under in Australia, in attending primary school, junior and senior high school, and first year at Australian National University, where my forestry career began.

EPC's services also include training (mainly English courses for special groups) and office routines. The basic setup is as follows: desktops and  notebook PCs, laser and inkjet printers, scanners, fixed and mobile Internet connections, MS Office 2010 Professional, Corel Suite 8, AccentDuo. The single most significant investment in EPC's lineup of software is the TranSmart translation software for translating Finnish texts into English. My other computer-based translation aid at the moment is SDL Studio 2011 (I also mantain earlier Trados Workbench versions).

My career as a translator began some 30 years ago, soon after returning to the Old Country in 1969. In 1989 I took courage and finally founded EPC Konsultti-Consultant Ltd Oy (VAT reg. no. FI07532288). EPC's success, i.e. surviving the recession of the 1990s (and the credit crunch of 2008), both of which still linger on as major unemployment, lies in the great demand that there was and continues to be for translation services -- and EPC's speed and quality of work in responding to this demand. Over 90% of the company's turnover is earned in the Finnish-English-Finnish sector (yours truly is a certified/authorized/official/registered translator). Forestry and the forestry industries enjoy a special position in my company's operations. But the scale of subject fields covered goes far beyond these: legal texts, patent applications, fiction, educational science, natural sciences, engineering, information technology, etc. Certainly the single most important and most demanding assignment, to date, is the one that came from the Prime Minister's Office, when (in August 1995) I was asked to translate the Finnish PM's speech into English for delivery to an international gathering of forest scientists. My two  endeavours in the field of lexicography took place in the late 1990s when I was invited to provide the English terminology for a 5-language glossary of educational terms compiled by the Finnish National Board of Education, and the forestry terminology in English for a Finnish-English dictionary of forestry.

More recently (in 2010-2011) I translated a forestry textbook Metsäkoulu into English (the name in English Finnish Forestry, approx. 250 pages) and a collection of forestry course descriptions also into English (approx. 250 pages). In early 2013, I managed to complete clearly my largest single translation assignment: a doctoral dissertation of some 520 pages into English on the subject of foresters' role in the development of forestry in Finland.

The Offer...

English-Finnish-English is currently priced at between EUR 1.50 – 4.00 per line of 60 keystrokes. This rate will vary depending by volume, timetable, degree of difficulty, etc. These are more or less the terms applied to the other language pairs my company offers. VAT 0% for intracommunity supply and to clients abroad elsewhere. I am accustomed to determining the amount of work done by using Word's Statistics function.

Hopefully, the above will inspire you to contact us when requiring expertise in translations. Please ask for more information, e.g. by filling in the following feedback form.

Erkki Pekkinen, MSc (Helsinki), DipEd (Kuru) , CPE (Camb.), authorized translator

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