Erik Lauraeus
Exhibition Photographer, born 1947
2743 acknowledgements to international exhibitions, of which 222 prizes
Master FIAP (MFIAP) granted 20.4.2007
Excellence FIAP  (EFIAP) granted 1.9.2000
Photographer of the year 1999 and 2001
Finnfoto grant 2003 and 2006
Finnish Camera Society board member 1998-2003
SKsL chairman 2002
Finnfoto board member 1998-2002
SKsL board member 1998-2002
Member of Finnish Camera Society since 1979

Exhibition information:
Name of Exhibition: The Exhibition of 15 famous Photographers in the World
Exhibit Dates: 10.-16. December 2008
Venue: Museum of Fine Arts of Vietnam, Hanoi
Exhibition Organizer: Department of Fine Arts, Photography and
Exhibition, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam.

Further Information:
Erik Lauraeus
Email erik.lauraeus@gmail.com
Tel. +358400606756