The 1 Hour Gallery


PeGuS got to be the first one!

Flower Power by J.D.

Litesphere by Dion Hopkins

Tanker by Jeff (Truespace3)

Here's my own first 2 cents to the issue... a weirdo robo in wonderland

A propeller by John Roberts

A tire by James Hans
Includes step by step instructions!

Grammys by Rich Helvey

Spraycan by Hamish McKenzie

Train by Colin Kai Heaps

DesertWarrior by Larry Schultz
I wouldn't even dream of modeling something like this - in an hour!

Roadrunner by Arnie Cachelin

A bowl by Peter Profetto

Spacecraft by Dustin

Alien mothership by Yours Truly

A vinyl by d|ver

A book in candlelight by Martin Harris

Sun by Pablo Sanchez

A car by Mike Temple

A Demon by -Mr PhReeZ-

A diamond  by Flosse

Table with stuff by nich

The real chess game by Antti

Matrixfire by Matt

Pentacle by LouAllen

A Quick Smoke by 
Neil M. Nafus

A Nokia WAP phone by Yours Truly

A Lighthouse by
Jose L. García

Zippy Street by
David Nangle

A Nightcrawler by
Royal Meservy

A Netcard by
John Crosetti

A Spyder by

45 minute head by
Mike Ling

Flowers in a Glass Box
Mark Morehead

A Plane by
Ben Fisher

A Lighthouse by
Ben Fisher
Head Modelling Tutorial
A Head by
Veli-Antti Rautiola

Skål by
Ørjan Jansen

A room by
Jeremy Hardin

Red Light, Green Light by Robert Flemate

Light and a ball by Ørjan Jansen

A Claw Arm by
Terry Bailey

A Ghost 
By Eki

A Tree 
By Eki

By Eki

By Eki

By Jaakko Hietala

By Sb404

Inca god
By Sb404

By Sb404

By Marcus Carra
Ørjan Jansen

Ørjan Jansen
By Jon Lemley
Palm Pilot
By John R. Cooper

By Marcus Carra

By Luis Guajardo D.

Bar scene
By Moses Holmström

Here's how it goes:

You are welcome to participate, regardless of your skill level.

To post your work do the following:

1. Create an unique scene in under one hour, starting from scratch. You must hit the render button before the hour is due, but the render can take as long as it needs to...

1b "Define scratch?" I mean start from nothing. Nada. No pre made objects, surfaces, maps, motions, lighting schemes... nothing!

2. You can use whatever plugins you have, other software like a paint application, even photos you scan for textures.

But you must do all that within the time frame too (So, you seem to need a polaroid and a scanner then?)

3. Avoid retouching - if you post process your work, also provide the original LW output!

4. As i don't have a great amount of space here, the size is restricted to 500X500 pixels max. Compress as much as you dare ;-)

5. There are no rules whatsoever when it comes to the content of your work. (Ok, if it's too XXX i maybe won't post it...)

6. When you are done E-mail your work to me


and include a description of the methods you used to cut down the time. That way this will also serve as a tip list!

Also include whatever comments you may want others to see...

And don't forget your contact information!

7. I trust you. Don't cheat! It would spoil the fun! If you exceed the deadline, be fair and mention it.

8. As of now there's no intention to turn this in to a contest, but rather a place to see various approaches to quick and dirty 3D.

Allow me some time (Usually 1-2 days) to get your work on the page... I'm mostly on a deadline too...

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