The 1 Hour Gallery

Yo.. heres a quicky, just did. Its a little fairy tale type flower. Only
real method used was outlining it in my head as I sat and waited for big
test at school to finish. Will probably animate a bloom or something
tommorrow. Good idea with the site. I'd like to see some more time
saving tips. And as for what i did (if you really care, but since you
said a desicription) I made everything so it was a duplicate of one
object. For example, the petals are all teh same just rotated a little
bit. Then the claws that hold the rock type thing are all just one
(actually highly detailed) claw that was rotated and copied eight times.
After that i added teh rock. Then all that was left was a few render
clouds/render difference clouds in photshop for teh texture on the rock
type object. The stem too, which is composed of 3 tapered cylinders that
were twisted together. And also visible, most everyhting is procedural.

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"J.D." air@apk.net

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