The 1 Hour Gallery

Freak-O robo with a force field - in wonderland.

This was done with LW and PS on 1 hour 10 minutes.
Had to go out to buy cigarettes (yes, I have the bad habbit) before the shops closed... so it's really about 1 h ;-)

I modeled the legs the normal way, and the rest of the robo with Sean Moyer's weird growths.
Just playing around, absolutely no tweaking...

Surfacing is plain Surfactions DLX 2, no retouching.

The force field is A box that's "Impressioned" over the robo, some glow thrown in.

The landscape is a subdivided box, deformed with magnet tool.

Surfacing is Rocky 6 action. (Didn't turn out too well this time...)
I was going to add some crumple bumpies, but i forgot.

Water is a plane with fract bumps.

Ididn't do any test renders - and it shows...

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