The 1 Hour Gallery

30 minutes of modelling.

I added a close-up, since max 500 pixels doesn't show the details... wow.

James was kind enough to give step by step instructions:

1. Take scan of tread into background of modeller.

2. Draw the tread, upto where the rest can be cloned, here tread repeats 80 times.

3. Clone tread to make what looks like a painted tyre has gone over it.

4. Model cross section of tyre.

5. Extrude to length of circumference, with how many segments you need.

6. Drill drawn tread onto extruded tyre, making sure the driller polygons are of a different surface

7. Smooth shift a few times the tread ensuring a bevelled top.

8. Bend tread 360° to make tyre.

9. Merge overlapped points.

Note. Care and accuracy are needed when modelling the tread to ensure
perfect fit of tread when bent around.

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