The 1 Hour Gallery


It ain't much, but this little thing took me 1 hour (+ 3 mins to abort &
reset once I realised it should be 500X500 not 640 by 480 <DOH>).

It came about from an idea I've had from a little wooden train (2cm
long) sitting on my computer desk, I coupled it with seeing my nephews
toy train.
My only concession to speed was having my paint program and Lightwave
already running, and several pondered moments over how I was going to
attack it.
The texture is marble, not wood, I had notes on rough dimensions and
some extremely bad sketched ideas.

The lighting sucks - I know, a couple of lights, one to fade out the
shadows a tad. I was very pelased with the car coupling, and guess what
- ya can't see it <doh again>.

Well, Hope it is worthy, all from scratch, mainly boxes and disks, all
in 1 hour - Boy was I stressed, but I did it :-)


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