The 1 Hour Gallery

A Quick Smoke.

Well here is my attempt at creation from scratch in an hour.  The entire
scene took 59min to model, texture and setup.  The Ash tray was modeled from
a box using nurbs, the cigarettes were cylinders with half of a sphere
attached to one end for the cherry.  All of the textures are proceedural
aside from the Cigarettes.  The butts were cylinders that I had knifed in
some extra rows of points and then moved the points a bit and rotated a
bit.  The Smoke was modeled using a spline cage.  The lighting is half of a
tesselated sphere flipped  with luminosity at 100% with a off white color.
The floor was textured with one of the preset metal textures with the
luminosity upped to 15% for lighter shadows and to cast a bit of light on
the underside of the ash tray.  The entire scene took 5m 19s to render at
500x500 with low anti-aliasing on a Celeron 500 w/ 256mb RAM under Win 2k.
It was created with Lightwave 6.0b using radiosity.

Contact info

Neil M. Nafus
Lost Arts Imaging

E-Mail GrafxMan@LostArtsImaging.com

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