The 1 Hour Gallery

Zippy Street

I hit the F9 button after 54 minutes. 18 minutes modeling, 2 minutes in
Photoshop, and 34 in Layout. About 0.4 seconds thinking up a name.

I used Modeler's Array command, with some jitter to create a canyon of

The trick I'm most happy with, which doesn't show up well in this example,
is the randomized bevel trick. Just create a single building, as complex as
you like (mine wasn't,) and name the roof something separate. Then, after
point cloning or copying, or making an array, you can select all the roofs
with the statistics panel. Use Bevel with shift and no inset, and a jitter
number on the shift. Voila! Instant city.

The ships were frozen subpatches. (Make a box and mess with it.)

I needed to adjust contrast & brightness after rendering.

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David Nangle

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