The 1 Hour Gallery


Okay. While not my first attempt at lightwave, I haven't been at this


The model was inspired by the von-neumann machine spider-robots from Greg
Bear's "Forge of God" and took 55 minutes to model and set up the scene,
though I spent another ten minutes making minor lighting changes and texture
changes. including retweaking the radiosity settings.

In retrospect I probably should have made a rug-like texture for the floor..
but hey.

The body started as a knifed and reshaped box that had been pinched and
pulled. I then beveled out all of the faces and nurbed it, then froze it.
This resulted in the curved "flat" areas and the rounded beveling.

the textures were derived from either the CTBF-toy procedural LW plugin
(6.5) or from the Lightwave Shades Project shader (the marble floor and I
used brick for the body after eliminating the roughness and pockmarking)

The lighting gel was a ten segment by ten segment cube that I beveled out
and eliminated the flat faces.. leaving only a cage behind.


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