The 1 Hour Gallery


Last night I stumbled into your one hour gallery and was really excited
by the concept.  So I warmed up my old 5.6 and created the attached
image.  I call it 'Flowers in a Glass Box'.  I obeyed the rules,
attempting to construct the objects and scene within one hour.  I used
IFW and Enzyme shaders on the picture frame and table, but went about 15
minutes over trying to get the glass textures just right.  It then took
46 minutes to render on my Athlon 750.  I really like turning everything
on.... raytrace, reflection and refraction.  I also used the DOFtoy, but
am not sure what effect it has had.

One of the rewarding aspects of this project is that it stimulates the
creative process.  Everytime I look at the image or think about it now,
I can think of something else I want to try!

Thanks for the challenge!

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