The 1 Hour Gallery

(Post version)

Here is my contribution to your gallery.  it took me around an hour and 2 minutes before rendering.  about 5-10 minutes in photoshop post work.


didn't model person.  i just took a picture with a digital camera.  I jacked up the contrast and brightness on it and saved a copy to use as a clip map.

the room is a box with flipped polygons.  the trim and window sill are simple bevels.  all textures are procedurals (except the person)

5 lights in the scene-
2 distant to replace ambient-about 50% intensity.  1 facing up and the other facing down
2 point lights in the corners with negative intensity to create dark spots.
1 volumetric shadow mapped spot

(Raw version)

Contact info

Jeremy Hardin
Sacramento, CA

E-Mail  jeremyhardin@hotmail.com

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