The 1 Hour Gallery

Red Light, Green Light

Here it is. I missed the time though, 1hr+24min. Rendering took me out to 2+ hours on my PIII 500mhz, ray-traced shadows, and reflections, no radiosity!

This isn't false lighting, red and green outdoor flood spots were used. From title to image it all harkens back to learning the "basics".

Shapes were easy, since they all maintain a dimensional relationship with each other (that's how they get all the blocks to fit in the box) measure one and you can sus' the dimensions of all the others visually-all I had to do was "look".

What took a little more time was rounding off the corners in having to select particular polygons-router.p took care of that-I love this little plug-in and employ it often-so to whoever developed it THANKS.

Image on the package was a rasterized Illustrator file and the object shape it's on was an extruded EPSF perimeter shape from that same file (though notice the image map doesn't fit the object, I was running out of time). The block textures are 2 quick scans from the largest real-world block of it's long grain and it's end grain at 100ppi. (this is way too low-rez, but could I get away with it?)

The trickiest placements were for the triangles, luckily you can now see gimble lock when it happens and compensate.

The most fun: lighting. Eight lights-2 area for the colored spots, two linear as the ambient, and two points for the green and red fills for the walls and objects.

I couldn't stand just blocks on a table, so I kept building out the rest of the rest of the area-that's what took me into overtime. Procedurals were used for the dirt on the white board, floor pattern and bump, wall texture bump, and reflector metal (no I didn't use a preset). I did a levels call on the reflector in post since I didn't like
the way the "metal" was looking and also tweeked the constrast and brightness.

That's it.

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