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This is a fairly simple industrial robot claw/arm setup. Using LW 6.5b's improved toolset, modeling only took about 20-25 minutes.  I started with a basic cylinder for the main arm, beveling as I went along.  The two "claws" were plotted out with the pen tool from the left view, extruded, beveled, then copied/pasted to a new layer and finally rotated 90°.  The same technique was used for the base of the arm, or the stands.  I kept modeling/surfacing extremely simple, as this was actually a radiosity test.

After lighting adjustments and scene setup (skydome with a ground plane) the whole thing weighed in a tad over 45 minutes.  Render time was a different story though.  The scene was rendered at 640x480, Enh. High AA, uses Radiosity, AND has one Area Light (the glow on the underside).  Final render time: 2hours, 37minutes.  (Athlon 700, 256mb Ram)  Absolutely no post work has been done, other than adding the sig, and resampling down to 500px wide.  All LW 6.5b output !!!

I have also animated the arm (sans radiosity - still trying to figure out how to "bake" it)

To see more of my renders, check out my gallery at: http://www.Vis-Fx.com/Gallery/

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