The 1 Hour Gallery

Well I saw this one hour thingie when I was searching for some good tutors on creating a head and then I realized that even I could enter... then I started to think for a subject for the pic and suddenly I saw a verbatim
cdcase !! About 20 minutes of modelling, 30 minutes of texturing and 10 minutes both tweaking(lights mostly) and test rendering, made the pic as it is now. The timeline of 1 hour was quite enough. The case was made out of BOXES, simply boxes and the cd was a wedge. I made this out in Lightwave[7], no plugins or
anything. Scanned the covers with Sm@rtscan Slimedition & paint shop pro 7, I think it was 100 dpi. Heres my creation and I hope everyone enjoys it. ---

Jaakko Hietala

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