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What is LWFAQ?

LWFAQ is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Lightwave 3D. There's been a demand for such a page, so i (we) decided to make one. If you don't find an answer to your question in the FAQ, you can submit the question to me. An answer is not guaranteed, nor is a reply to your "submit" message, but it's worth a try.

When asking the question, be brief and precise. Start the subject line with LWFAQ, it makes it easier for me to recognize your question as a FAQ question, instead of regular mail.

I didn't find the answer i was looking for in the LWFAQ, or in the manuals. Should i now post the question to a mailing list/newsgroup?

Not yet. Look through the OFFICIAL FAQ at Newtek's site first.

Then try to search for a solution in the Newtek discussion forum, and LW3D yahoogroups archives.

If you still haven't got the answer, posting your question to the mailing list/newsgroups is a good idea.

Before asking, you may wanna read the article "How To Ask Questions Anout Lightwav 3D The Smart Way"

How do i link to a specific Q/A in the page?

Each Q/A pair has a reference number that can be linked to.

Copy the link location from the below link. The last three numbers point to an anchor in the Q/A numbered 001. If you want to link to Q/A 052, just replace 001 with 052. Capice?


What do the columns mean?

In this column, you will find the questions and answers.

Here you will find additional info.

5.6 - 6.0 - 6.5 - 7.0
The next columns tell you what versions the Q/A applies to. [X] means yes, [-] means no. You may also find numbers here, they refer to a chapter in the Lightwave manuals.

Last but not least is the name of the author of the ANSWER to the Q/A pair in question. Usually, the person submitting the questions is not mentioned... these are supposed to be FREQUENTLY ASKED questions anyway ;-)