SpaceNurnies DLX

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Here's a space cow to whet your appetite...

This was made with a pre version of the actions

Ok, here we go

*Note: Surfactions_DLX.zip also includes all of the original 12 Surfactions actions!*

The following is the same text as DLX_Readme in the zip.

Tips are marked with White

The concept of Surfactions DLX (Deluxe, man) is to first render a series of reference images in
Lightwave and then automatically create random Space / Machinery style surface maps using your model's contours in Photoshop.
They may not be perfect, but at least they give you a good base to start the handwork...

These should work in Intel LW5.6 & photoshop 5.0

Earlier versions & other platforms haven't been tested, but you can allways try.
Please e-mail me & tell what happened?

1. Installation

It's important to follow these instructions step by step in order to make this work! Double-check the spelling!

If you have your lightwave installed in another drive or directory please create "Newtek" directory in your C: root.

Start by creating a "Surfactions_DLX" subfolder in your "C:/Newtek" folder.

Unzip the Surfactions_DLX.zip file there.

Create subfolders:


Move Ref_Ball.lwo and Surf_Object.lwo (Yes, it's a copy of the Small Spaceship from the Lightwave cd, but with different surfaces) to the objects directory.

Move Prepare.lws and Final.lws to the scenes directory.

Move DLX_Prepare.srf and DLX_Final.srf to the surfaces directory

Leave the *.atn files where they are.


Launch Photoshop

If you have it already open close all the image files.

Actions Palette / Load Actions:


You can also load Surfactions.atn, but it's not required for SpaceNurnies_DLX to work.

You're all set up.

2. Preparing your model

First make a safety copy of your model :-)

Load your model in modeler.

Select another layer.

Load Ref_Ball.lwo

Make this layer the background layer and your object layer the foreground layer

Center your model

Scale your model so that it just fits inside Ref_Ball Object in all axis.

You can manipulate the apparent size of the of the texture by scaling your model, but it shouldn't exceed the Ref_Ball Object. (Except a bit from the corners...)
If you want diagonal pattern rotate your model, it will be hard to animate though.
If you want multiple Surfaces split your model and do the stuff with just Surfactions part of the model, the maps may be badly aligned otherwise.

Small object = Bigger scale texture

Change your object's surface to Surfactions_DLX (Copy it from Ref_Ball)

Save your object as Surf_Object.lwo (Good bye Small Ship!)

You're done.

3. Rendering reference images

Change your content directory to C:\Newtek\Surfactions_DLX

Open Prepare.lws

Activate Save Images tab

Check that your image name is Surf, Naming convention Name0001.XXX and image format is tga 32 bit.

You can change the render resolution if you wish, but keep it square.
Small resolution = Bigger scale texture

1000X1000 pixels is good for about 5x5 m object

Press F10

4. Now for some Action

Go back to Photoshop

Click on SpaceNurnies_DLX actions folder and press play

If you want to check out how the actions are compiled check the value tabs on the actions.
For example changing the Patchwork filter's size determines the spacing of rivets...

Closing Layers window will let you see in real time what's going on with the actions. (At least it does so in my machine)


If you have a slow machine, wait some more.

If everything went as excepted the action will stop with your objects rendered face images alpha channel (phew), prompting you to crop your image.

Do so, drag the cropping tool's corners to "Bounding box" the white area in the alpha channel & press enter.


Repeat Cropping for the next texture


And then the last one.

You should now have three images with multiple layers. The action automatically saved the necessary maps in the Surfactions_DLX/Images folder, but you can retouch the layers and save copies over them. There are some alpha channels to help you tinker with selections.

Names should be self-explanatory. Maps are in .IFF format.

If you don't like the result close all images & run actions again. The output varies randomly!

You can now leave Photoshop.

5. Grande finale

Back to Layout.

Load scene Final.lws

In surfaces panel activate Surfactions_DLX

Load surface Final.srf

Autosize every texture map. (There are three layers in every texture.)

Press F9


If it's not quite "Tadaa" try changing the surface layer's order. Put the layer that *suits you sir* on top!
(If your model is like a flying saucer that would be the surface in Y axis etc.)

That's That!

What's up next with SpaceNurnies/Surfactions?

I'm trying to find a way to automate slicing the object in parts that best fit every mapping axis, and then reassemble the object with another name.
(I'm not a programmer...)

And in Layout, automate the autosize...

Also I'd like the user to have more control over the colors, LOD, and the texturing method.

we will see... ;~D

Most of the above is included in Surfactions_DLX_2, click HERE for more info!

*** If you use these at your projects i would love to see some renderings ***
I'm allso interested on any comments on these & on the site!

Email me erkki.halkka@kolumbus.fi

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