All Alone
Pretty Day
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He pays his debts with gasoline
Pending regrets washed down with gin
Behind every bridge has been burned down
On his own island without any friends
Into his wasteland slowly descends

She was a dreamer left out in the hall
Her latest redeemer was rational
Now she can't sleep without TV
Within her dear room filled with bare facts
Into her womb she slowly retracts

Sometimes we beat
Sometimes we play
Sometimes we cheat
Sometimes we pay
It's not easy to be something that you are not
It's so hard to be we

Together they weave clatter and bleed
Lives turn and heave, fall in the need
Quivers and cold remind them of life
Every word sucks and binds
Squirms in the dirts slowly unwinds

All alone

she said "you are the cutest thing"
I said "looks don't mean anything
don't speak don't speak at all
they're only words
they change what they mean

she's bare down beneath the sheets
I care because she is touching me
don't care don't care at all
they're only feelings
they don't mean a thing

all alone in this world we are
we're all alone
we're all alone
try to touch me you're too far
we're all alone
we're all alone
I try to make it clear and simple
nothing to defend
here we drift and fade into our
fabulous end

she smiles when she cries outloud
I laugh, laughing is allowed
don't smile don't smile at all
when feelings are happy
they're equally grim

Pretty Day

Tomorrow will be a pretty day, a day for you and me
We could watch the mellow coal rising from the sea
The yellow boat again
The yellow boat's our friend because it gets to sail away
to where we'd like to be

Tomorrow will be a pretty day our place will be a mess
>From our slumber we will wake to dormant nothingness
The yellow boat is gone
It left at break of dawn nobody seems to give a damn
and we even less

When you wreck your world for good
don't do it alone
it's more pleasant when there's two
me and you

Tomorrow will be a pretty day healthier than lead
We will have no pressing reasons to get up from bed
The yellow boat is here
Full of sailors full of beer but here we sit and watch the world
feeling underfed.

All Alone
Pretty Day
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