Updated November 5. -2000

What's the silence here been all about?

Well, a lot has happened since the last update... most importantly, Soapwish is now on a longish hibernation.

For now, the members of Soapwish live on two different continents, so arranging rehearsals or gigs is a bit on the hard side. And this will be the status we are in for unforseeable future. Don't worry though - we dont. We willl return when the time is ripe - maybe. Meanwhile,  just enjoy the songs we currently have online.

July 14. 1999

As mentioned earlier, we did do some recording, and the resulting four songs,
plus three bonus tracks are now available at, as well as the older ones.
Go There!

Soapwish's NEW SONGS are all also available for download at our Audiogalaxy site (Excluding 7th ring).

We tried a bit more modern approach to this second Soapwish studio session - the drum tracks were recorded with an analog 8-track at Handelandia, then digitized with creamware T16, and edited with Triple Dat software.

We then moved on to separately recording the other instruments and vocals to the workstation.

The final mix was made at 24 digital track Hellhole studio, for which we are very grateful to the C.O.D. guys. Thanks!

There are also some bonus tracks, which were recorded 100% live at rehearsals with the 8-track, prior to the studio session.

Next live events will be in the fall, first almost confirmed one will be in Turku, Finland.

Please return to this page as we will update info as soon as there's something to info you about...

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