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Lighting, part one

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The Great Outdoors


2. Creating and displacing the ground mesh

Open modeler. Create a box object with the following settings:

Triple. Rename surface to Ground01. Check "double sized". Save as Ground01.lwo.

I usually number my objects, surfaces and whatever with serial numbers 01, 02, etc. in order to have intermediate versions, each being a bit closer to finishing. When i get back to the scene later, it's easy to remember which one is i.e.. the finished object. If i have different versions at the same stage i name them 06a, 06b etc.

Open Layout. Import the Ground object. In the objects tab go to displacement map.

Use automatic sizing, no pixel blending or tiling (To avoid artifacts) and Y-axis. Amplitude setting of 3 seems quite ok for our 30X30 m. ground, giving three meters of elevation where there's white in our image.

I used .jpg in this case as i (Lazy ;-) use the same images in this page. A grayscale .iff is better in actual work, saving memory in LW and lacking compression artifacts.

In objects tab, save transformed as Ground02.lwo.


Next we go back to the modeler for a while to finish our object.

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