Lightwave and Photoshop tutorials:

Surfacing, part one

Obligatory space vechile

Here it is, in all of it's fast modeled current ugliness ;-)

Normally I would separate the hull, wing, cocpit, engine etc. surfaces in modeler, but as we will practise the surfacing using alpha channels and falloffsthere can be only onesurface this time.

I will assume that You have a working knowledge with both Lightwave andPhotoshop.

What's not explained here can be found in the manuals.

The tutorial will build up, but let's start with the basics ;-)

1. Creating reference images

Open the "vechile" in Modeler.

Type [7] and [a] to have the object in full top view.

Disable everything except the faces visibility in the Display>options window.

Screen grab.

In Photoshop create new file and press [CTRL+V] to paste your grab.

Crop to "bounding box" the object.

If the crop tool seems difficult to use try lowering the layer opacity to 50

Remember to set it back to 100% before proceeding.

Flatten image. It should look like this

Yippee! Thats it! We have made our first reference image! Cool!
We will later use the same technique to make some more! Radical!

Next we will create some image maps for the wings.

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