Lightwave and Photoshop tutorials:

Surfacing, part one

Obligatory space vechile

2. Making panels to the wings



2.2 The bump map

Using the rectangular selection tool, make some selection areas for the flaps and other panels.

Use shift key to add to a selection.

Don't worry if the selections go outside the wings, that's the way it's supposed to be.

When you have selected descent amount of rectangulars, run Image>Adjust>Invert.


Rename this layer to "Panels" or whatever you find useful. It will be used later.

Now is a good time to type [CTRL+S] and save your work.

Copy the layer, and rename it to "Bump"

Run Filters>Stylize>Trace Contour. You should now have thin black lines in a white background.

Make another copy of the bump layer. Rename it to "Rivets"

Select>Color Range>Highlights.

Select>Modify>Contract by 3 pixels.

Set foreground color to black.

Stroke (2 pixels, inside)

Invert selection [SHIFT+CTRL+I], fill with white. Deselect. [CTRL+D]

Create yet another clone of this layer

Fill with white.
Run Filters>Texture>Patchwork filter with Square size 1 and relief 0.
You should now have a thin lined black grid on white background.
Run Image>Adjust>Treshold to make it "1 bit". You may have to tweak the default a bit.

Set layer mode to "Lighten". You will have black dots in rows in white background. There will be some black lines too, to get rid of them, make another copy of the grid layer, and offset it a bit.

What you have should look like this.

Don't forget to save once awhile!

Allright, hide background, bump and panels layers. Activate Rivets layer. Layers>Merge visible.

We will use this layer again, so make a copy of it, and then hide it.

Hit [CTRL+I] to invert the rivets copy layer.
Set it to "Lighten"

Go to bump layer. Image>Adjust>Levels to darken it about 50%.

Merge visible. Save a copy named wing bump or whatever as iff.

There really are only three colours, so you can reduce the bit level to minimum...
Congrats, the bump is ready - unless you want to weather it, but that's another tutorial ;-)

Next we will create diffuse/specular map for the wings.

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