So what is this plug for?

TreeGen creates trees (as the name suggests) based on the settings input by the user. Depending on the case, the result may be a low polygon tree to fill a landscape with (works great with Q-polyclone), or a fairly highly detailed subdivision mesh with individual polygons for leaves.

The trees always grow up in Y axis, from the center of the modeler universe.  Here's the stuff that happens:

1. TreeGen creates a disc, with size and detail defined by the settings. This is the base of the wannabe tree.

2. The disc is beveled as many times as definded by user (segments), with some randomness (shape variation) and inset (Segment shrink).

3. Branching occurs. This is done by beveling and rotating the extruded polygon multiple times. Branching is repeated as many times as specified by the user.

4, All the resulting "stumps" of the branch are beveled in the same way as step 2. Steps 2-4 are repeated as many times as specified by the user (iterations).

5. If no leave options are specified, the tree is done. Leaves are created by creating a tessellated sphere at the tip of each branch. If the user wishes to use polygons for leaves, these clusters are further subdivided, a beveling operation is done, and finally excess polygons are killed.

That's the basics, there's of course a little more to it as usual ;-)

For technical help (Also for ModPak users!!), there is also a mailing list for the PlugPak users.