Overview - Eki's PlugPak

NEWSFLASH!! Plugpak scripts SEEM to work just fine with LW 9.3 - the bug in LW that caused problems with LW 9.0 has been fixed by Newtek. I haven't done extensive testing with the scripts though, your mileage may vary. If you encounter any problems, please let me know.

Were you looking for Eki's ModPak?

PLUGPAK PATCH FOR LIGHTWAVE 7.5c (Windows only) AND FOR LIGHTWAVE 7.5d, 8.X and 9.3 (All platforms)

7.5c upgrade patch installer - from 3dfightclub.com

NOTE 2: The 7.5c patch is no longer in BETA status - it's proven quite reliable, in systems ranging from 7.5c to 8.0.1. The patch hasn't been tested properly on Macintoshes yet but all reports so far have been positive. Due to LScript bug in LightWave 7.5c, there's no working version for LW 7.5c on Macs at this point.  So, if you are a Mac on LW 7.5c user and wish to use PlugPak, you need to upgrade to LW7.5d or LW8.0 (Suggested) or downgrade LightWave to 7.5.

NOTE 3: Lightwave 8 has a slightly different directory structure than LW7.X. The Plug- and ModPak scripts will install in 7.X -style, creating "LScripts" directory in the Lightwave installation root. This shouldn't cause any problems, but it's a minor inconvenience that will be fixed in the future Plug- and ModPak releases.

PlugPak V2.1 for LW7.5

...Version 2.1 Includes the bug fixes from BugFix patch 1, and then some...

Eki's PlugPak 2.1 is a compilation of 26 LScript utilities that try to make your LightWave life just that little bit easier... The PlugPak currently includes the following:

Overcaster - Fast fake radiosity with spinning lights
SkyGen - An alternative for Lightwave's SkyTracer 
SeaGen - Generate seas from calm to not so calm
- Render panoramas from your favorite LW scenes
NewProject - Set up all the necessary directories etc.
Scenes - Premade scenes to test your objects in

Fakemetric Camera
- Render fake isometric projections
PlugPak Freebies
- Useful small utilities

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There are older versions that don't require LW 7.5 still available. See the downloads page for more.