How we got started  ...

In the beginning we had two domestic cats: Kati ja Kiti!

In 1982 in Vallila was found an abandoned litter with mothercat. We took them to take care of until a permanent new home would be found. Minni (the mothercat) took good care of her kittens. Both Minni and kittens got good permanent homes. We kept one of Minni's kittens and it was named Int. Pr. Manu.

Manu was a big tomcat, grey with stripes. 1984 it was registered as a novice european shorthair silver tiger in Uusikaupunki in a presentation show, where we also had with us our first sacred birman, Bon-bon Blue Noon (blue point). Manu's best points were big size,  good colour and nice nature. He later became a real audience's favorite. So this is how we got started our cat showing and breeding career.

To breed cats succesfully requires  long term patience and good results can not be expected if close studies of all important knowledge has not been done. JoJo's breeding activity reached it's high point at 1997, when we had best male adult neutro EP & EC JoJon Ortigo in international World Winner show at BudapestWinner. His father is EC & DM Ikarus v.Fuchswinkel and mother EC & DM Odette v.Oedenthal. Next year the best adult female neutro was EC/EP JoJon Qing-Tabby Kaifang (Kerttunen). Kerttunen is blue tabby point. Her mother is DM JoJon Huise Haifeng, grandmother GIP & GIC Bon-bon Blue Noon and father Södra Skogen’s Casanova.


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