Araschnia levana (Linnaeus, 1758)
(Karttaperhonen, Kartfjäril, Landkärtchen, Map Butterfly)

Arischna levana 7.8.2002 Viro Paide
Araschnia levana 7.8.2002 Viro Paide.
In the picture second brood f.prorsa.


Woodland clearings.


First brood May to June and second brood July to August.

Typical habitat:

Viro Paide 7.8.2002
Viro Paide 7.8.2002.

Other photos:

Espoo 17.7.2005
Espoo Mankkaa 17.7.2005.

Espoo 27.5.2006
Espoo Mankkaa 27.5.2006.

Done 28.3.2006