Ammophila sabulosa (Linnaeus)
(Hietapistiäinen, Spenslig sandstekel, Red-banded Sand Wasp)

Ammophila sabulosa 6.8.2002  Põlva Estonia
Ammophila sabulosa 6.8.2002 Põlva Viro.


Ammophila sabulosa prefers sandy sites.


Red-banded Sand Wasp excavate first a nest for her larva. After that Red-banded Sand Wasp hunt a caterpillar, often moth caterpillar. The female wasp paralyses the caterpillar but the caterpillar remains alive. Then the wasp carries the caterpillar to the nest. Wasp deposits an egg on the caterpillar. The development of the larva of the wasp is rapid. The larva of the sand wasp is full size after 10 days. (Source: Jiri Zahradnik "Bees and Wasps")

Typical habitat:

Põlva Estonia 6.8.2002
Andres Vaasa garden Põlva Viro 6.8.2002.

Other photos:

Põlva Estonia 6.8.2002
First sand wasp paralyses the caterpillar.

Põlva Estonia 6.8.2002
Then it wait a few minutes.

Põlva Estonia 6.8.2002
Then sand wasp carries the caterpillar to the nest.

Põlva Estonia 6.8.2002
Sand wasp uses her forelegs to carry the caterpillar.

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