Messiah is the English transliteration of Mashiach, the Hebrew

word meaning "Anointed One." The Greek form of this meaning

is Xristos, from where we get the English word Christ.


In the original Hebrew "Jesus Christ" is Yeshua haMashiach

and is interpreted as "Yah who is Salvation, the Anointed One."

Yah is short for the Holy Name of YHVH, which itself means

"He who was, who is, who is to come", thus "the Eternally

Existent One." So, the full title of the Mashiach is

"The Eternally Existent Saving and Anointed One."


To be "anointed" in ancient Hebrew culture meant to be

chosen as the rightful heir to authority, either as a priest or

king or both. It was a rite of special consecration to have oil

poured upon one's head from a ram's horn by a previously

chosen servant of G-d. Several kings and priests of Israel

received this rite, most notably King David, who was himself

called "mashiach," an anointed one. It was prophesied that a

son of his would one day come to rule perpetually. This son

came to be known as the promised Mashiach, who would

rule the world from the throne of David.


The prophets said David's son would be more than a mere

man (Micah 5:1,2) since He would rule forever. The record

also shows that G-d Himself promised to come and rule the

world from Israel (Zechariah 14), and that He alone was to be

Israel's King. Thus, the prophets foretold that Mashiach must

be a kind of being that was unknown on the earth, both a son

of David and G-d Himself. Many foreign cultures and pagan

religions adopted their own version of this, and through fables

and folklore they speculated on His being, albeit in error.


The prophets also declare that Mashiach had two great missions.

First, He had to provide deliverance from sin on the earth.

Second, He had to take up His royal throne on the earth.


In the first mission Mashiach would have to be most notably a

perfect man, since He would have to die as the sinless (spotless)

sacrifice in substitution for the sins of the world (Isaiah 53).

In the second mission Mashiach would have to be most notably

G-d Himself, since he would have to put all enemies of

rigtheousness under His authority. Because of this duality of

purpose many have stumbled over the concept of Mashiach,

and some have surmised that there must be two mashiachs.

They did not consider the event of the resurrection. The

prophets tell us that Mashiach would not remain dead, but

would somehow rise again. It is after this resurrection that

Mashiach would rule.


The record shows that Yeshua of Natzeret Israel (cir. 6 BCE

- 27 CE) fulfilled the first mission perfectly by dying as the

spotless Lamb of G-d and then rising from the dead, as the

feasts and prophets of Israel foretold He would. He did not

come to start a new religion, but to bring all who would

trust Him into personal covenant with G-d. There is a real

experiencial new creation of the human spirit when one

trusts with the whole heart that He is the Mashiach and has

taken our sins on Himself and has risen from the dead!

This new creation of the human spirit works toward the

eradication of sin in our lives, thus the fulfillment of the

first mission.


After His resurrection Yeshua ascended back to Heaven, but

before He did He promised to return in power and great glory

to defend Israel against all the aggressing nations of the world.

In that day He will again raise up the throne of  His father,

David. He will fulfill His second mission as Mashiach. Then,

He will be revealed as the Eternally Existent One, G-d, YHVH

Himself. All who trust Him and try to follow His Teaching

(Torah) now will be saved; all who deny Him will be in

danger of destruction at that time, since they have no blood

covering their sins. However, He is the only judge and arbiter

of who will be preserved. The judge of the earth will do rightly.


Messianics are followers of Yeshua the Messiah and they

expect His return from heaven. Messianic Jews lead the

Messianic movement of trust in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua.

Messianic non-Jews are welcome as they walk in faithfulness

to Torah. But no longer will Jewish followers of Yeshua accept

the leadership of Gentiles who resist the eternal truth of Torah,

who profane the seventh day Sabbath and eat swine's flesh.


Let all who are called, chosen and faithful keep the testimony

of Yeshua and the commandments of YHVH.


Even so, come quickly Adonai Yeshua.