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An error of 242 years is found in the current Jewish calendar.
Some years during the time of Judges do omit. So the Gregorian
year 2017 equals year 6020 and not 5778 in the Jewish calendar.
This error is based on the calculations of E. W. Faulstich,
Chronology History Research Institute in Iowa, USA.


Also the calculation made by a Christian monk Dionysios Exiguus
in the year 525 that is the base of our Gregorian calendar is shown
to be false. Also the modern time people who make up their
calculations are to be approached sceptically along side with the
medieval calculation makers.


It is obviously the hand of God at work here. He has let all the

calculations to be erroneous. Calculation makers may chew their

pens to pieces and fill their bins with crushed papers.


God Himself uses 360 day years and 30 day months in the

prophesies that He has given in the Bible (Daniel 12:7;

Revelations 12:14; 12:6; 13:5). Obviously the length of years and

months has been like that before the Flood. During the Flood

the length of the orbit of Earth has changed which has affected

also the cycle of Moon. Before the Flood these cycles have been

regular: 12 30 day months and 360 days in each year. That is

natural, on the 4th day of creation sun and moon were set to be

for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years and not in a so

irregular way as they do today (Gen. 1:14). Back then the times

they showed were precisely as long as mentioned above. So if

one wants to be challenged to calculate, it is good to consider this.


There are no years mentioned in the Bible in the form we usually

put them. In case of a year is mentioned, it is in the form of:

“In the xx year of king xx” (e.g. 1. King 14:25). So it seems not

to be important to us to know which year is running. It is enough

for us to know the sings of times that are given in the Bible.

Following them helps to have the precision needed.




Moshe Zew



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