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Yeshua of Natzeret:

"All things are possible to him who believes"

(Mark 9:23).


Theodor Herzl (Binyamin Ze’ev):

"If you will, it is no fairytale".


Shaul of Tarsus:

"Now all these things happened to them by way

of example, and they were written for our admonition,

on whom the ends of the ages have come"

(I Cor. 10:11).





Israel's rebuilding has had three phases: an intellectual

phase (Ezekiel 37:1-6), a visible, physical phase (vv. 7-8),

and a spiritual coming-to-life phase (vv. 9-14).


Phase 1. The restoration of Israel began on the intellectual

level. In the years 1863 and 1870 the first newspapers in

the Hebrew language appeared. Their intent was to gather

their people into their own land. In 1897 the first Zionist

Congress was held and the World Zionist Organization

was founded in Basel, Switzerland, under the leadership

of Theodor Herzl. The movement adopted two goals:


- the return of the Jews to their homeland, the land of

Israel, and the renewal of Jewish national life on its

soil, and


- a recognized, legally protected place of residence for

the Jews in their original homeland


The Hebrew language was revived under the leadership

of Eliezer Ben-Jehudah, David Jellin, and Nissim Behar.

In 1892 they determined the Hebrew words which were

to be used in mathematics and science and established

a common curriculum for schools. Forty years after the

founding of the first newspaper Hebrew became the main

language of the Jews living in the Holy Land.


Phase 2. On November 12, 1917, British General Allenby

arrived in Jerusalem and ended four centuries of Ottoman

rule in the Holy Land. The British mandate lasted from

1922 to 1948. During the Second World War (1939-1945)

six million Jews, about a third of the world's 16 million

Jews, perished. In May 1941 the American Zionist

Conference called for the creation of a Jewish state in

Palestine. In 1942 the Jews of Palestine became aware

of the genocide carried out by the Nazis. Faced with the

indifference and even obstructive policies of the British

and other Allies they committed themselves to a national

rescue operation. At the end of the Second World War

the British turned away about 100,000 survivors of the

Holocaust who were seeking a place of refuge in Palestine.

At that time the Jews living in Palestine resolved to do

two things:


- to bring Jewish refugees into the country


- to liberate the country from British rule and achieve

independence for the Jewish people


On May 14, 1948, the physical phase of Israel's rebuilding

began. Israel became a nation. The bones had come

together. Tendons and flesh began to grow on the bones

and they were covered by skin. But there was no spirit in

them yet (Ezekiel 37.7-8). Immediately after their declaration

of independence the surrounding Arab nations invaded

Israel. After two week of fighting the Arabs and British

gained control of the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem. Despite

the fact that the United States prevented the import of

arms and England helped the Arabs, Israel and its 700,000

refugees survived the invasion of seven Arab states with

their population of 30 million. Little David conquered big

Goliath - seven nations (Deut 7.1, Joshua 3.10). It was

miracle of God! Israel became an independent state, but

there was no spirit in her yet.


Phase 3. Israel's third phase, the spiritual phase, will come

only after they have received their Messiah, Yeshua of

Nazareth. God will pour upon them a spirit of grace and

supplication and they will look upon Him (Yeshua) whom

they have pierced (Psalm 22:17, Zech. 12.10, Rev. 1:7). They

will call upon My name, and I will answer them. I will say,

My people, and they will say: My God (Zech 13.9, Rev 3.12).

Afterward Yeshua will come to the Mount of Olives and

then the YHVH will be king of the whole land. On that day

YHVH will be one and His name shall be one (Zech. 14.4,9).

Then Israel will become the center of blessing and

salvation for the whole world.





Upon returning to their liberated homeland, the Jews

experienced the same thing experienced by those who

have on their heart the restoration of the church to what

it was at the beginning. "Everyone has joined forces

against us - the Christians, the Moslems, and the pagans!"

Those who are building the church are on the black list. So

was Nehemiah in his time. God had promised blessing upon

the reconstruction but each man had to keep his sword in

one hand while working with the other (Neh. 4.17).


The restorers will be opposed just as the founders of the

state of Israel were opposed. Even today the ultra-orthodox

Jews still maintain that "God has promised to bring his

people together but these Zionists are working with their

own strength. This is definitely out of order; this is not the

Lord's way. They will not be able to restore Israel in this

manner!" Many Christians claim that unity will be achieved

only by the rapture, just as the Jews were told that they will

receive their land as a gift from God only when Messiah

comes. God has not planned it this way. They obtained

the land by fighting for it. In the same way it will require

a struggle to restore the church. Unity will be achieved

prior to Yeshua's arrival to take his church. "Heaven must

receive Him until the time of restoration of all things of

which God spoke in ancient times through the mouth of

his holy prophets" (Acts 3.21).


Those who desire the fulfillment of Yeshua's prayer

(John 17.20-23) will discover that others want to assimilate

them into denominations. In no way do others want the

full unity that can be achieved outside of denominations.

Those groups which began on the basis of the local

assembly have, upon denominationalizing, become

opponents of restoration. By every means possible they

try to prevent those who are leaving the denominations

from reaching the restored local assembly. In the former

Soviet Union it was noticeable that the officials were more

willing to let those Jews depart whose destination was

some other country besides Israel and held back those

who goal was aliyah, moving to the land of Israel. Even for

a spiritual Jew it is easier to reach another denominational

land than it is to reach the promised land. In most cases

moving from one denomination to another is considered

OK. But moving to the local assembly should be the

obvious move for the Christian who has read his Bible. It

appears all the forces of darkness are trying to stop God's

plans and Yeshua's coming.


Is it written somewhere that the unity of believers will

Be achieved without lifting a finger? Several times God

promised. "I will give you the land of Israel" (for example,

Gen. 17.8, Num. 14.30), but when the time came, He said,

"Go and take the land!" (Deut. 1.8). It took a fierce struggle

to obtain that which had been promised. During the entire

time in which God's church has been scattered among

denominations the promised land has been theirs just

as Palestine was the Jews' land even though they were

dispersed among all the nations. Now there is talk in both

cases of a return and of a reconstruction. Is it written

anywhere that effort should not be exerted in either case?


God's church is still in ruins, uncared for, and in a degraded

state as Palestine was when the Jews began to return and

rebuild it. With sweat and toil they made the land arable.

Many scorned them saying, "This is the land that flows

with milk and honey?" (Exodus 3.8, 13.5, 33.3). God's church

is now as Palestine was before but with the Lord's help it

will become an arable land flowing with milk and honey

(I Cor. 3.9). When the Israelites stood between Pharaoh's

armies and the Red Sea everything seemed hopeless. But

God uses just these situations that seem hopeless to show

his power. Why do Christians not notice this? Have they

all become so blind? Christians must now buy eye salve

(Rev 3.18) in order to see what God's will is. God's promises

belong to those who will do His will (Matt 7.21, Luke 6.46,

John 9.31, James 1.22).


It is now the end time. The church will be tested and the

true Jews will be separated from the chaff. "He that is

unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him

be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous

still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. And, behold,

I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every

man according as his work shall be" (Rev. 22.11-12). End

time events are presently taking place. The fire is hot and

its purpose is to purify. "I will purify them as silver is

purified and I will try them as gold is trued. They will call

upon my Name and I will answer them" (Zech 13.9). This

is the purpose of this tribulation, of this trial by fire.


God has not rejected his church. Worldliness and

hardening have overtaken her, but just for a limited time.

"'The tribe of Israel (just as the church of God) went into

exile because of its sin, because they were unfaithful to

me (practiced harlotry, joined the world) and I turned my

face from them and I gave them into the hand of their

enemy and they fell each one by the sword. I did unto

them according to their uncleanness and wrong doing

and turned my face from them'. Therefore thus says the

YHVH, 'Now I will turn the fortune of Jacob and I will have

mercy upon the tribe of Israel and I will be zealous for my

holy name. And I will bring them back from among the

nations (believers from denominations) and I will gather

them from the lands of their enemies. Thus I will show in

them my holiness before the eyes of the nations. And they

will come to know that I, the Lord - YHVH - am their God

when I, have brought them from exile among the nations

and gather them into their own land (the believers into the

local assembly) and I will not leave one of them there. And

I will no longer turn my face from them for I will pour out

my Spirit upon the tribe of Israel', says the Lord YHVH"

(Ezek 39.23-29).


The birth of the restored assembly appears very difficult

to the natural sight. Nevertheless according to the Bible it

has a firmer basis than any other kind of congregation.

At the beginning everything is in disarray and nothing

appears to function. Nevertheless we do not doubt the

final outcome. It is according to a biblical principle and

the answer to Yeshua's prayer … that they would all be

one … so that the world would believe … and understand

that you have sent me (John 17.18ff).


During all of church history there has been a small

Flock outside of the camp (that is, the denominations)

(Heb. 13.13) and in the end time they will establish the

church upon the model of the early apostolic church.

Many of the prophesies of the Bible will become timely

when the church is formed and established and comes

closer to the early church. Now at the end of the age of the

Laodicean church (Rev. 3.14ff) there has arisen in many the

desire to experience a living, working faith in place of dead

religion. This desire brings forth a willingness to sacrifice,

zeal, and love for restoration. It instills faith in the future

and an ability to overcome the greatest obstacles.


For such believers the restored assembly is the only

alternative; dead religion has nothing to give them. It is

truly a matter of life and death. In their desire to sacrifice

everything they will have to experience powerful

opposition. Denominations will stand against them as

Goliath did against David. They will experience all kinds

of opposition; they will be slandered, all kinds of rumors

will be spread about them, and they will be called dreamers.

This all belongs to the birth pangs of restoration and the

result will be according to what God has revealed in the



Some religious circles will take a neutral position regarding

restoration but in their hearts they do not hope for victory

for the spiritual Jews. Many leaders and workers will instill

fear in their church members and cause them to avoid the

restorers because they supposedly are causing the

destruction of congregations. But you cannot destroy that

which does not exist. A denomination is not the church.

The fate of denominations is tied to the fate of Babylon

(Rev. 18) and the restorers cannot change that. Their task

is solely to bring God's admonition to those believers who

will listen: Depart from her, my people … (Rev. 18.4). The

company of pioneers is small which will come to do the

work. It is like Gideon's exploit with three hundred men

(Judges 7). If you were to take into account the theological

armaments of the denominational leaders and workers and

their skill in using them, you would think that the restorers

would fall by the thousands. But that will not happen. The

spiritual Jews will be the winners and their victory can only

be explained as a great miracle of God. The Messiah,

Yeshua of Nazareth, is the help of his people and he will

not let the enemy overcome them.


In the building of the restored assembly many will join it

acting like the English soldiers during the formation of the

state of Israel. They departed from the country but return

via Jordan disguised as Arabs. "And such as do wickedly

against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the

people that do know their God shall be strong, and do

exploits. And they that understand among the people shall

instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by

flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days. Now when

they shall fall, they shall be helped with a little help: but

many shall cleave to them with flatteries. And some of them

of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to

make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is

yet for a time appointed" (Daniel 11.32-35).


By bringing pretenders into the assembly, the enemy

intends to lower its spiritual state and to take it down the

same road of defection upon which the early church went,

led by its leaders after the death of the apostles. The

church will be tested, sifted, and purified for the end time

and all false brethren will be exposed.





The issue of unity is a current one in God's church. Does

unity exist only on the universal level or it a more visible

unity possible? The concept of the universal church has

developed in the world in which believers are scattered

among different denominations and in which they have

few contacts, such as in the organizing of meetings and

ministry projects. They do not strive for close unity but

are waiting for Messiah upon coming to take his own will

unite them and they will be fully one in heaven.


In the beginning large congregations, such as the one in

Jerusalem, were one even if they met in different homes.

For the first hundred years after the birth of the church the

believers did not build even one building intended only for

the purpose of meeting. The first known church building

was built in 160 AD. Those believers who strive for fuller

unity base their belief on the practice of the early church,

that each locality had only one assembly. Those who

belong in the other category avoid such a notion and strive

to be assimilated into their own denomination even deeper

than before. Yeshua nevertheless prayed that the believers

would have a unity that would be visible. That assumes

that one will depart from his denomination and come into

unity with the free non-denominational believers in his

own locality.


In connection with restoration another critical issue needs

to be considered: must each spiritual Jew make a spiritual

aliyah, that is, leave his denomination to build the local

assembly or can he remain in his denomination? Some think

it is an advantage to belong to a denomination, they think

they can thus build the body of Messiah. They consider

talk about restoration and actually doing it as some kind

of caprice on the road to true unity. Many believers have

left their first love (Rev. 2.4) in order to remain in their

denomination. Upon coming into the faith they were

zealous in their faith and love for Yeshua. They were able

to see miracles and powerful deeds done by Yeshua's Spirit

through them (Acts 16.7). Gradually however a cooling off

began and often it became apparent that they no longer

represented Yeshua but the denomination to which they

belonged. They abandoned their first love, the signs and

wonders diminished from their life and finally there was

only a lukewarm academic religiosity (Rev. 3.16).

Yeshua words of warning apply to them: "Not every one

that says unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom

of heaven; but he that does the will of my Father which is

in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord,

have we not prophesied in your name? and in your name

have cast out devils? and in your name done many

wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them,

I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity"

(Matt 7.21-23).


The trend of believers in the denominations toward greater

worldliness should provoke them to realize we have come

to the moment when one can remain spiritual only in the

scriptural unity of believers and therefore the return to the

restored assembly is not an option. When the church has

returned to its original state, a spiritual renewal will take

place which will bring us back to signs and wonders as

before in connection with unity, when the Word is declared

and confirmed by the Lord (Mark 16.20).





Zionism is the Jewish national freedom movement whose

goal is a Jewish state with secure borders. Zionism is a

movement that wants to encourage the voluntary

emigration of Jews to Israel. Zionism is not capitalistic,

neo-colonialist, or imperialistic and it does not strive to

form a Greater Israel stretching from the Mediterranean

to the Euphrates.


Christian Zionism is a Christian freedom movement whose

goal is a restored assembly. Its purpose is not to establish

a new denomination. It seeks to lead believers out of

denominations. The assembly does not need to expend

effort on the collection of funds because it will not possess

real estate and it will not have salaried officials or any other

kind of personnel. Apostles, prophets, evangelists,

shepherds and teachers who have been appointed by the

Spirit (Eph. 4.11) will function as the responsible ones in

the assembly. They will not consider godliness a means of

gain but will "follow righteousness, godliness, faith, love,

perseverance, and meekness" (I Tim. 6.5,11) " … for the

perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for

the edifying of the body of Messiah: till we all come in the

unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God,

unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the

fullness of Messiah: that we henceforth be no more

children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every

wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning

craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; but

speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all

things, which is the head, even Messiah: from whom the

whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that

which every joint supplies, according to the effectual

working in the measure of every part, makes increase of the

body unto the edifying of itself in love" (Eph 4.12-16).


Yeshua called it a little flock (Luke 12.32); thus it would

never become a large company. The opposite large

company the Bible calls Babylon the Great (Rev. 18.2)

and unfortunately the largest part of Christendom will

end up in its bosom. Only during the Kingdom of Peace

under Messiah's rule will natural Israel obtain the

boundaries promised to her and the little flock lead by

Messiah Yeshua of Nazareth will rule Greater Israel and

the whole world.


The return to rebuilding the early church has begun in a

Zionism on the spiritual level. Zionism is the principle by

which restoration will be achieved. If the restored local

apostolic assembly wishes to be a real center of spiritual

life, it is vital that believers want to and know how to live in

interaction with that little flock. At the end time as a result

of receiving admonition or experiencing persecution they

will depart from Babylon, that is from the denominations,

to form a genuine Christian Zionist movement.


When part of the Hebrews (the Levites, the tribe of Judah,

and half of Benjamin) returned from Babylonian captivity

about 2500 years ago, God awakened in their innermost

being the desire to return to Jerusalem. In a remarkable way

this has also happened to Israel in our time. The Zionist

movement has been God's instrument to fish the Jews back

to their homeland. Zionism is a movement which God

originated. God will also liberate spiritual Israel from

Babylonian captivity, that is, denominations. He wants

to awaken in their innermost being also the thought of

returning to the original assembly.


The old Jewish Passover greeting "Next year in Jerusalem"

also applies to spiritual Jews, those who desire the life of

the original assembly pictured by the city of Jerusalem

(Psalm 87). This greeting expresses the hope that the

church would return to what it was in the beginning.

During the entire course of church history there have

been those believers who have desired it.

For ages in their religious observance the Jews have

Prayed for the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem as

well as for the regathering of their scattered people.

Nevertheless only a few of the early Jewish thinkers gave

this idea any concrete shape. Exceptions were Yehuda

Ha-Levi (1075-1141) and Isak Luria (1543-1572). Perhaps

the most significant forerunner of Zionism was Rabbi Lw

eli Maharal of Prague (died 1609). He believed that not

even one ethnic group should have to live in submission

to another; the dispersion of the Jews was not a tolerable

condition. In his mind they had the right to anticipate their

liberation by Messiah but they were not permitted to

attempt to return to their homeland on their own initiative.


Elija Gaon (1720-1797) of Vilna, an opponent of Hasidism,

was very learned and held in exceptionally high regard.

In his criticism of Hasidism his starting point was that

Hasidism placed greater importance on inwardly directed

mystical experience than on the study of the word and put

unrestrained subjectivism at the center. He was disciplined

and self-possessed, a thorough researcher of literature and

wrote commentaries on the Bible, the Mishna, and the two

Talmuds. His disciples went in three large groups to

Palestine in the years 1808 and 1809 and founded a Jewish

community in Safed. They sent heralds to Europe to

encourage other Jews to follow their example. In seven

years the number of immigrants to Safed rose from 200

to 700.


Rabbi Zvi Kalischer (1795-1874) and Yehuda Alkalai should

be included among the early Zionist thinkers. They both

rejected the common belief of the Jews that salvation was

only something that God could do. They believed that the

individual could hasten salvation. Consider what Peter

said " … looking for and hastening the day of God… "

(II Peter 3.12).


The Jews have been extremely undesirous of returning to

their own land. Many of them have preferred to consider

as their homeland the land where they have lived. Many

spiritual Jews have also been so sold on their

denominations (whose cradle is Rome) that they prefer to

remain in them rather than come into visible unity. In 1862

Moses Hess in his book ROME AND JERUSALEM

pointed out the impossibility of assimilation of the

individual and undertook to become the spokesmen for

national liberation. In his opinion the Jewish state had to

be established in Palestine where the revival of intellectual

and religious life would be possible. He was the first who

clearly understood that racist anti-Semitism would become

an obstacle either to liberation from a subordinate position -

or to assimilation which they considered better.


Neither can true spiritual Jews assimilate into

denominations. At the end time they will gather into an

assembly based on the original apostolic model and thus

will believers return from worldly religiosity to their first

love for Yeshua - the return from Rome to Jerusalem - the

return from the bosom of the harlot Jezebel to pure worship

of God as before. Like many of the early Zionists Moses

Hess wrote too early and he was largely ignored. It has also

happened to those who spoke in earlier times about the

return of the spiritual Jews to their homeland. God's will will

nevertheless be done regardless of the indifference of men.


The pogroms in Russia especially beginning in the year

1881 hastened the development of Zionism. Jews began to

widely understand that at least for the Jews of Russia there

were no great hopes for achieving civil rights. Emigration

appeared to be the only solution and thus it began mainly

to the West. In 1882 Zionist activists in Russia founded

an organization called Hibbat Tsion (Love for Zion). Its

first group emigrated that same year and established a

community called Rishon-le-Tsion (meaning "the first

ones to Zion") in Palestine. In the same year Romanian

Jews established the community Rosh Pina in Galilee. In

the following years several new settlements were born.

In 1882 a doctor, Leo Pinsker (1821-1891), emphasized in

his paper AUTO-EMANCIPATION the right of the Jewish

people and their obligation to stand up on their feet and

liberate themselves. He had earlier worked for the cause

of assimilation but now he dismissed all such thoughts.

He became convinced that it was impossible for the Jews

to mix with other nations. The only thing to do was to

establish a Jewish state in Palestine. Spiritual Jews also

have to stand up on their feet. They also can no longer

assimilate into the denominational mixture of Babylon.

They can no longer take a stand for any particular

denomination. Their only possibility is to return to the

original assembly.


The term Zionism originated with Nathan Birnbaum (1864-

1937). But the founder of modern Zionism was Theodor

Herzl (1860-1904) who in 1896 laid the foundation in his

book THE JEWISH STATE. Herzl's parents were assimilated

Jews and he did not know his predecessors Hess or Pinsker

at all. But he was soon in contact with the Hibbat Tsion

organization. But Baron Rothschild who had begun a fund

for the purchase of tracts of land for Jewish settlements in

the middle of the 19th century and Baron Hirsch considered

his plans foolish and did not want to support them.


Herzl's book on the Jewish state became Zionism's classic.

Besides arousing support, his political Zionism also

aroused fear and bitterness among both orthodox and

liberal Jews. Even though they gave their approval to

the thought of the Jews returning to their homeland,

they feared that Herzl's political declaration would cause

Palestine to be closed to all Jews. Regardless of all the

opposition Herzl's line became the winner. His words

appealed to the deepest feelings and most powerful

longing of the Jewish people. Christian Zionism will

also awaken in groups of believers similar feelings and

also action. The response of many will be positive to

the prospect of the unity of all believers but they will

want to avoid all practical and visible unity. But true

unity will win. Attaining such unity will satisfy the

deepest desires of believers' spirits and alleviate the

great sorrow that has been caused by the scattering

of the body of Messiah (Eph 5.30).


In the beginning Herzl had attempted to gain international

recognition for his organization and its plans. When this

did not happen, they began to turn to other issues.

Different factions appeared in the Zionist movement.

Great Britain's proposal to establish a Jewish national

home in Uganda in East Africa was discussed at the 1903

Zionist Congress. Herzl was ready to approve this as a

temporary measure because the situation of the Jews in

East Europe had become so unbearable that they had

To do something. But a large East European delegation

nevertheless decisively resisted any alternatives to

Palestine. This was due to the diplomatic efforts of World

Zionist Organization's Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952)

who later became the first president of the Jewish state



Israel and also Jerusalem finally belong to the Jews. Their

goal has been realized. At the same time God has been

bringing spiritual Israel together. He has begun in a visible

manner to answer Yeshua's prayer that the believers would

be one. God's people are beginning to return from the

prison of denominations to the original way of assembling.

But there are still countless Christians who are not desirous

of leaving their denominations, just as the majority of Jews

living in the Diaspora are undesirous of moving to Israel.

God will send the fishers who will fish them and he will

send hunters who will drive them out of denominations

(Jer 16.16, Luke 6.22). True spiritual Jews are beginning

to undergo persecution at the hands of religious people

and likewise anti-Semitic powers all over the world will

persecute, kill, and drive Jews away.


The opponents of Zionism considered the establishment

of the state of Israel a hopeless cause; they treat the

restoration of the church in the same manner. Nevertheless

in 1948 the state of Israel became a reality and likewise the

restored assembly will be a reality before Yeshua comes to

take away his own. Heaven will keep him as long as it takes

to accomplish it.


The World Zionist Organization is the connection between

the Jews living in Israel and those living in exile. In the

same way the restorers need to keep contact with all those

who are born of God's Spirit. Those who have moved to the

promised land and those who are still in their homelands or

denominations are by virtue of their birth spiritual Jews.

They are brothers and sisters. The Jews maintain unity

with the help of the World Zionist Organization . There

must also be contact among spiritual Jews.


In question is not a particular individual's cause; neither is

it a matter of a new denomination with a prophet or other

figure who can be presented as its founder. Believers

together will build the church in their own localities. It

appears that younger believers are more desirous of

stepping onto the road of restoration, because they

have not yet managed to become so attached to their

denominations and their first love for Yeshua still burns

in them. Those believers who desire the faith and power

of the early church will obtain it in a restored assembly.

To achieve it they must become a clean slate. Their

thoughts must be cleansed of the old denominational

teachings which are not in line with the Bible. Some will

realize that they are spiritually poor (Matt 5.3) and will

want to experience true living faith; they will leave first

because they are sure that by doing so their spiritual life

will change for the better.


The restorers will encounter much opposition because

many older prisoners will not voluntarily leave their prison.

But let every opponent find in God's word a justification

for his opposition. Anyone who does not want to leave

may remain where he is. There is no intention of seizing

someone by force out of his denomination. In this regard

God's Spirit will function as Abraham's servant did when

he met Rebekah at the well (Genesis 24). God's Spirit had

already prepared Rebekah and she was ready to leave with

the servant to become the wife of Isaac, who foreshadows



It appears that there will be a battle with the mean,

narrow-minded, and shortsighted church people just

as Yeshua in his time encountered the opposition of his

learned orthodox countrymen. But we must remember

that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against

principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the

darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in

high places (Eph 6.12) because the enemy knows that

this age will end with the restoration of all things.


When Israel went through tribulation and persecution, it

always ended with a celebration. Pharaoh wanted to destroy

the Jews when they lived in Egypt but the result was פסח

Passover (Exodus 12). Haman also wanted to get rid of

The Jews; the result was פורים Purim (Esther 9.26-28).

Antiochus Epiphanes tried to do likewise and the result

was חנכה Hanukkah or the Dedication of the Temple

(John 10.22). The pogroms of Russia brought to birth the

Zionist movement. After Hitler's cruel genocide came

Israel's יום-העצמאות Independence Day.


Israel still has its last great tribulation ahead of her but that

also will end in a celebration. On that occasion Israel will

accept her משיח ישוע הנצרי Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth,

and will crown Him King. The last tribulation of the church

of God when all the false brethren will turn against her will

end with a wonderful celebration when her Bridegroom,

Yeshua of Nazareth, will come and take her to the wedding

of the Lamb.


Now is the time for a spiritual exodus. Now is the time

for every believer truly born of the Spirit and walking in

the Spirit to depart for the promised land, to take part in

the restoration of the local assembly. According to the

Word of God, all spiritual Israel is to leave denominations,

there will not remain in them one who is circumcised in

the Spirit (Ezekiel 39.28).


Original text in Finnish: Hengellinen Sionismi

(Spiritual Zionism), Moshe Zew, 1983

Translation to English: Steve Mintiyev, 2001




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