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I have finished to update these pages in English, because there is only a few readers a weeks.
All data is still updated in Finnish pages, so is you are patient, look the links!  Georg Dunkel

Keys and Explanations of Finnish
On-Line: results, happenings, comments
All Time lists 1 year grouping, Men
All Time lists 1 year grouping, Women
All Time list 5 year grouping
Annual-Statistics, Men
Annual-Statistics, Women
Finnish Records
Some Wonders
Additional for 400 meter running:
Finnish Legends of 400 meter
400 meter in Finnish Championships
400 meter in Masters Finnish Championships y.1977-
The Age-Graded Converter for 400m, made from my national database
Analyses and Graphics,
The Thesis for Masterīs Training
Running Weather Today in Finland! real-time information of South Finland!
Finnish Veteran Accociation
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