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3rd Helsinki Open 2002
Microshogi and Nanashogi Email tournaments
are started 1st January 2002

Microshogi is a small variant of shogi. It's played on a 4x5 board with five pieces on each side.
Nanashogi is the smallest variant. It's played on a board as small as 3x3 with only tree pieces per side.

You are invited take part in this tournament even if you haven't played these games before!
-We are all beginners, especially with Nanashogi which has been invented only very recently.
In Nanashogi we use the first time
new rules of relese 3.0.

The next 4th tournament will start on 1st January 2003.

Each participant will play one game with every other played in the tournament.
In case there will be more than seven players, only six games will be played by everyone.
The tournament will be played without any stress.

Welcome and enjoy!

Georg Dunkel
promoter of tournament


  Dunkel from Finland