Nana Shogi
1998-2001 by Georg Dunkel

Version 1.0

The first experiments I had by playing with my good friends Michael Sandeman,Japan, Guiseppe Baggio,Italy, and Fabio Forzoni,Italy, who all are excellent shogi and variant players.
All first games were showed soon, the rules were too complicated. There was strange "Empty" piece, which didn't work as I planed and end games were too passive.

Version 2.0

I kept testing on with Michael Sandeman. I planed new characters for pieces and difficult stale-mate rule was removed and also other rules were more simple. These news worked quite good.

Version 2.1

One more improvement was to allow player to choose the value of dropping piece. This effects varying game more good possibitities to open the game and also to play.
After playing more than tree years, we realized weakness: "Black has too much power with R-cube to dominate and win the game".

Version 3.0

All rules are same, but two characters, Rook and Swallow's Wings have new limitted way to move:
Rook moves just one step to the right, left, forward or back,
and Swallow's wing moves just one step to the right or left.

Now the pieces work better together and R-cube doesn't dominate the game.
Possibilities to do "real" mate, not just stalemate, are now better too.