my Micro-Shogi games in Net
Game 2:
This was my second game of Micro-Shogi against the Shogi Net World!
Black: NetWorld White: G. Dunkel comments
1. S4e - 3d G2a - 3b 6 motions: S3d=50%, G2d=33%, K2d=17%
2. G3e - 4d B3a - 2b 3 motions: G4d=67%, K2d=33%
3. G4d - 4e G3b - 3c 3 motions: G4e=67%, S3c=33%
Blacks G4e was surprise for White, and now W: starts attack.
4. S3d x 3c B2b x 3c 1 motion: Sx3c=100%
after beats the square 2d is dangerous for Black.
5. R*2a+ I got 3 motions: G*2a=33% and G-d4=33% are mistages, because White can do checkmate with S*2dX.
Drop R*2a=34% done.
Rook Drop to the 2a+ with check was tempting, but not very productive.
Ka4 - 3b The King can parry and at the same time it threatens the Rook.
6. R2a x 1a 2 motions: Rx1a? =100%
Move seems natural, but it forgets the keytone square 2d!!!
S *2d X Silver drop and immediate checkmate!
All Thanks to my Opponents!