my Micro-Shogi games in Net
Game 3:
This was my 3rd game of Micro-Shogi against the Shogi Net World!
Black: NetWorld White: G. Dunkel comments
1. G3e - 2d G2a - 3b 3 motions: G2d=67%, K2d=33%. Open is different as earlier games 1 and 2.
Composition is symmetrical, - interesting.
2. B2e - 3d P4b - 4c 1 motion: B3d=100%
3. K1e - 2e B3a - 4b 1 motion: quite passive Kings move.
4. G2d - 2c S1a - 2b 1 motion:G2c, the fight begins.
5. G2c x 3b K4a x 3b 1 motion: Gx3b and first captures and both have G/R pieces in hands.
6. G*2d B4b x 2d+ 1 motion: G*2d?, I think itīs not the best move to keep the game life.
7. K2e x 2d G*3c+ Blackīs only choice and state have gone uncomfortable.
8. K2d - 2e G*2dX Gold dropped to 2d and chackmate
All Thanks to my Opponents!
and congratulations: New record: This game was the longest one!