my Micro-Shogi games in Net
Game 4:
This was my 4th game of Micro-Shogi against the Shogi Net World!
1. P1d - 1c B3a x 1c I got only one motion, and itīs quite unusual opening, because it sacrifices the P?! I think itīs a bind move.
But the game goes on
2. B2e - 3d N * 3b I got only B-3d. W:īs Knight is dropped and it makes difficult to B:īs moves.
3. G3e - 2e S1a - 1b One motion, G2e is best, I think.
4. G2e - 3e S1b - 2c One motion, G3e is OK, I think, but still, W is comming!
5. B3d - 2e S2c - 2d ...and the game goes to checkmate.
6. G3e x 2d T1c x 2d ...and the game goes to checkmate.
7. K1e - 1d R * 1cX ...and checkmate.
Opening P1c and N*3b were decisived in this game.
All Thanks to my Opponents!
...and be more careful in the next game!