my Micro-Shogi games in Net
Game 5:
This was my 5th game of Micro-Shogi against the Shogi Net World!
1. K1e - 2d G2a - 3b K2d is new opening for me.
2. S4e - 3d S1a - 1b .
3. G3e -4d B3a - 2b Wīs Bishop threatens Bīs exposed Gold
4. G4d - 4e S1b - 2c Blackīs Gold escapes and Wīs Silver attacks with checking.
5. S3d x 2c G3b - 3c W check with Gold, so the captured Silver wasnīt a present for Black.
6. K2d - 3e G3c x 2c Both have Silvers in hand.
7. G4e - 3d R2c - 3c
8. S*4e S*2c Blackīs idea is to defend square 3d, but White also drops Silver and adds pressure near Bīs King.
9. G3d x 3c B2b x 3c After captures square 2d is very dangerous for Black.
10. G*1e G*2d Black chose defense, another possibility was the attack by checking R*2a!
11. G1e x 2d T3c x 2d ...and after Kingīs escape 1 move checkmate.
12. K3e - 4d R * 4cX and checkmate

All Thanks to my Opponents!
The start of this game was very cool, but then B's 8th move was qiute passive and the game turn soon for W.
Best and longest game!